A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The space station these little blue men live on is being destroyed by a black hole. You are that black hole. Take responsibility for your actions and save these poor souls with the power of your time-manipulating gravitational pull. Help them escape the hazards of their space station. After all, they say the only good little blue man, is a live one.

submitted for MiniJam 63. Theme: Future; Limitation: Limited Color Palette  

music from: freesfx.co.uk - Atoms and Particles

We will most likely update this game post-jam but the original version created for the jam will remain as an available file. The game-jam file will be named as such where as later edits will be named without the "mini-game-jam-63" suffix.


LittleBlueMen-mini-game-jam-63.exe 54 MB
LittleBlueMen-mini-game-jam-63_Linux.x86_64 60 MB

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